Nicola Bortoletto is a multidisciplinary artist, born in 1997. He lives and works between Padua and Milan. His work is characterized by the use of unusual materials for artistic practice such as tar, wood, ceramic, cement, oil and stain. The artist has developed an extremely personal language, with primitive, dramatic and romantic features, and nostalgic accents, he  finds inspiration in distant realities, such as ancient populations and sacred rites.

Consequently, it is proposed to insert each of its creations into a historical dimension, reaching the result of combining the actuality of the work with the eternity characterizing the essence of the material of the creative act.

Thus, it icastically develops each work as an emblem of self-reference, as an autonomous entity, and historical presence in reality, but at the same time linked by an organic and interdependent relationship with the others. He often works in series, where seriality is rigid and monastic. In his work, atonalism is predominant, he chooses colors ranging from black, brown, beige and off-white tones, present in a unique way in the different works.

Ode to materials.

The core of the work is the processing of materials, as well as the physical naturalness of the supports used by the artist. Approaching the materia Bortoletto wants to give life to objects that impose themselves with disruptive force in the depths of the observer, succeeding, through optical-perceptive messages originating from the dialogue between organic substance, form and space.

"Of the acrid stench,

so fierce,

that deeply fills my lungs.

Of the tar that melts under my searing flame.

Of these.

I live. "